Every idea isn’t a winner.
This is Growin' Bytes, a collection of tools, tips, ideas, and resources for business leaders who dread dealing with technology people.
Imagine you’re scrolling through your favorite go-to site, the one that delivers reliable information every time.
Consuming information without a practical put-it-to-work plan is like making a sandwich without bread.
You use email. Your clients use email. Your desired business relationships use email.
Imagine your favorite junk drawer. We all have at least one somewhere --- in our kitchen, garage, desk. You might have even scaled up to a bulging…
No matter what product or service we provide, our customers have preconceived -- and sometimes misguided -- expectations about what they will receive…
LinkedIn comments can often be more entertaining and insightful than the original post. I stumbled across this comment last week, and I couldn’t help…
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